Trades Code Ltd. is a modern British company, which is involved in progressive trading in the multicurrency market. The company is staffed by professional financial traders and market analysts who are studying all aspects the movement of price charts of the common used and popular currency pairs that are based on USD. Through in-depth market research, the company is engaged in attracting working capital in the United Kingdom and beyond. Among the company's clients are individuals and small financial companies, exchanges, corporation and banking institutions. Through the efforts of Forex Business, technical support has been developed software based on actual historical data intended for automated trading (Forex bots and Expert Advisors) which is currently used in test mode and allows the company to monitor the availability of profitable orders and select the most appropriate ones. Besides, such trading system has been designed to accelerate and automate all the processes of interaction with our investors. Company’s currency trading based on low-risk behavior strategy. We always select safest methods of conducting trust management service. Such principle allows our team to control entry and exit points and check price charts.


How to Make Profit Our Investment Plans



Daily for 5 days

  • Min Deposit $10
  • Max Deposit $1000
  • Principal Return
  • Total Return 110.5%
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Daily for 20 days

  • Min Deposit $10
  • Max Deposit $1000
  • Principal Return
  • Total Return 150%
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Gold (Expired)


Daily for 20 days

  • Min Deposit $1001
  • Max Deposit $5000
  • Principal Return
  • Total Return 160%
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Diamond (Expired)


Daily for 30 days

  • Min Deposit $25000
  • Max Deposit $100000
  • Principal Return
  • Total Return 300%
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WHY DO PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD CHOOSE Trades Code Ltd. investment limited?

UK Registered company

The company underwent the incorporation procedure for the provision of financial services to investors not only within the UK, but also to everyone outside it.

Automated platform

Using the company's website, anyone can sign up for a free account and earn money through low-threshold investments or highly profitable affiliate reward systems.

Maximum investment security

We have chosen the path of absolute protection of your finances and created a unique payment processing system - each profit payout is processed manually.


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affiliate program We offer 5% affiliate commission

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